It all started with wanting something thinner than a naan to wrap paneer tikkas in.  More along the lines of a roti but a bit more complex....say like a Lavash, that wonderfully thin flatbread.  I had just finished watching a lovely video about the baking of the bread in a traditional Tonir and set about trying to find some in the local stores here. Having no luck, I decided to attempt making it at home knowing that it would be impossible to duplicate a bread made in the traditional oven.
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Very often, when I post a recipe on the blog, it is because I've tried something new or added a twist to a favorite and am so excited that I want to share it.  Sometimes though, it is to put an old time-tested recipe in a place where I can get to it easily.  Because they are usually housed as scribbles on pages and corners of my trusty recipe book which takes me quite a bit of time to flip through and hunt down.  And last week, when that book finally separated into two halves in my hands, I realized it was time to start moving those handwritten recipes to a more permanent home.
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Whenever I am grocery shopping at the Indian store, I try to be as efficient as possible.  List in hand, I know exactly what I need and what brand to pick up.  Winding my cart through the narrow aisles, I grab the packets of dals and rice and flours, simultaneously checking them off my list.  I might linger an extra minute or two by the sweets in the refrigerated section but never long enough to reach in.  And feeling pleased at having resisted their lure, I turn the corner into the snack aisle where my resolve crumbles within seconds.  The grazer in me lights up as I move in slow-motion past brightly colored packets of chivdas, sev, murrukkus, chips and other salty snacks, all begging to be picked up.  And all deep-fried and not exactly fresh off the stove :)
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