This is probably the fourth eggplant recipe on the blog and one would think it is the only vegetable I cook :)  It just so happens that I find eggplant to be an extremely versatile vegetable that lends itself beautifully to experimentation.
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I usually find most of the fruits and vegetables I use pretty much all year round, either in the fresh or frozen section of the grocery store.  Yet I eagerly look forward to Spring and Summer because along with the warming temperatures, the produce aisles suddenly come to life and stare back with a fresh vibrancy.  That is when one wants to bake delicous tarts bursting with berries, make smoothies and lassis with the sweetest of mangoes and pick up two for the price of one pineapples because you know they will get eaten.
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These donuts happened because I was having company for tea and wanted something small and dainty, just enough satisfy a sweet tooth.  Delicately scented with rose, with hints of green tea leaf and a white chocolate glaze, they turned out to be absolutely delicious, even when served unembellished.  But then there were some extras and with Mother's Day around the corner, it seemed like a perfect excuse to dress them up and out came the piping tips:)
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