Hello! Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Bina and this is my little corner where I share some recipes, show some pictures and generally ramble.  I love to travel, all things handmade, fresh flowers and a cup of tea with a biscuit on the side!

It has been somewhat of a meandering road getting here.  The blog started as a private space to bring recipes that were scribbled on random scraps of paper under one roof, and also to share it easily with friends.  Over time, friends wanted to share some of the recipes with other friends and the circle started getting larger and also cumbersome for people to log in etc.  My cooking was also evolving and I found myself trying to minimize processed ingredients without compromising on the taste.  I guess the ideal way would have been to eliminate it altogether but I found myself unable to adopt the ‘all or nothing’ approach.  Instead, I have been tweaking recipes and experimenting and documenting that journey over here.

The recipes are all vegetarian with some eggs (mostly in baking).  I blog about things I happen to make in my kitchen.  Some of them are recipes I came up on my own and some are adapted from others.  As I was putting together the recipe index, I realized that a lot of my cooking is associated with memories of growing up in India before moving to the USA where I now live with my husband and teenager, and I have a very special spot in my heart for my city, Bombay/Mumbai.  I try to recreate those memories and magic through  my food.

I hope you find something here that makes you want to head to your kitchen and cook!

– Bina