majjigapulusu (yogurt curry)

Sometimes I feel like there is no logic behind which recipes make it to the blog and which don’t.  The intention always is to post something interesting, maybe a bit out of the ordinary but somewhat healthy.  And often it is just that but other times, a recipe shows up which is very traditional, quite common in home cooking but for which I still need to call my mother to get the details.  Like this Majjigapulusu/Kadhi which is a childhood favorite of mine.  Very simple, very homestyle but so very satisfying. Continue Reading…


pear-maple cake

I was simply looking for a way to use up a few pears that came with us on a trip to the mountains last weekend but we never got around to eating them.  So they came back, a bit bruised on the outside but still perfectly edible.  Having earlier eaten some from the same bag, I knew they were exceptionally sweet and fragrant and so I was very reluctant to let these go to waste.  And just like the over-ripe bananas which are happily turned into banana bread, these were destined to go into a simple cake that would be perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Continue Reading…


vegetable malai kofta

Malai kofta

This feels like moving homes.  Like entering a fresh and still unfamiliar space with your familiar and precious belongings and procceding it make it your own.  A move I had been contemplating for more than a year but balked, knowing that the transition from Blogger to WordPress was not going to be as simple as clicking the import button and everything magically landing exactly where it was supposed to.   And so the idea stewed at the back of my mind, lifting its head up every once in while to remind me of its existence, until I finally set upon doing something about it last month.  Many hours of searching for how-to articles on moving  from Blogger, lots of scribbled notes, some stress eating, fussing over little details wondering if a widget looks better here or over there…… and it is still not done!  Some more tweaking and final touches needed but I figured I would be fiddling around with it forever and now was as good a time as any to take it live. Continue Reading…


vegetable stuffed shells

There are days when it is almost dinner time and I am still peering into an open fridge wondering what to make.  Sometimes wishing the meal would magically appear.  It isn’t even like I am low on groceries.  The situation is more about having a well-stocked fridge and pantry but a scarcity of ideas and motivation.  After opening and closing the fridge door a few times, it gets close to crunch time and that’s when a meal like this comes along.

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banana & chai masala biscuits

Summer is here in full glory with the heat and humidity forcing one to turn down the air-condiitoning and add a fan or two to cool things down. Cooking has been a chore and baking has been almost non-existent.  So it seems contraditory to be posting a baking recipe but I had made these a while back and have been thinking of them so often, I figured that at the very least, I would write down the recipe so that when the temperatures cool a bit or if I suddenly find myself with overripe bananas, I know what to do!
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spicy sliced eggplant

This is probably the fourth eggplant recipe on the blog and one would think it is the only vegetable I cook 🙂  It just so happens that I find eggplant to be an extremely versatile vegetable that lends itself beautifully to experimentation.
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